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Important changes to how the content on Strawman ages and ranks

We have recently changed the logic that helps rank content on Strawman. In many ways it’s a fairly subtle change, but one that will have a big impact as the community grows and as more content gets added.

It all has to do with how user content (Straws, Valuations and Recommendations) ages over time.

To our mind, one of the biggest problems with traditional forums is that they tend to become a jumbled mess of outdated and unhelpful posts. Users need to sift through pages and pages of useless dribble before they find any valuable insights.

No thanks, not for us.

To address this, we’ve taken a lead from Reddit, which considers votes & recency to ensure the most endorsed and relevant content is given priority. We think this is particularly important when it comes to the share market, where things can change very quickly.

What was relevant six months ago, could be totally irrelevant today.

Before we outline how it all works, please understand that this is just a first step. We’ll be working to continually refine the system so we strike the right balance and make it as valuable as possible for our members. We’ll be relying on site analytics and user feedback to guide our thinking, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to share your perspective — good or bad!

How it works

Straws and Valuations will turn ‘Stale‘ six months after they are first posted. Once stale, they cannot be endorsed or voted on by other members. 

That being said, we will NEVER delete anything; your content will always remain on your Personal Company Reports regardless of its status.

However, because member votes and endorsements also expire over time, stale content will begin to drop down the rankings on Company Reports if no action is taken.

When a Straw or Valuation goes Stale, you will receive a notification. You can then elect to:

  • Delete
  • Edit
  • Re-activate, or
  • Do nothing

If you delete the Straw/Valuation, it simply disappears.

Editing a Straw/Valuation is like posting a new one; it will remain ‘active’ for another six months and all votes will be reset (but voting/endorsing members will receive a notification).

If you feel the content is still valid, and often it will be, you can simply re-activate it.

To re-activate a Valuation, just click ‘update’.

To re-activate a Straw, just click this icon at the bottom of the Straw.

Finally, if you do nothing, the Valuation or Straw will simply remain in your Personal Company Report. Eventually all votes/endorsements will be lost, and that will reflect how it ranks elsewhere on Strawman.

We understand that this is an added (albeit infrequent) effort for members, but we’re convinced it is in everyone’s best interest.

As a content creator, it serves as a reminder to check that your initial assumptions and reasoning remain valid. Revisiting and updating your investment case on a regular basis is vitally important.

For others, it means that you can easily find the most current and widely sanctioned content quickly and easily.

Stale Recommendations

If all the content you have added for a recommendation (either Votes, Valuations or Straws) remains stale for for six months, the recommendation will be automatically closed. 

Because it takes six months for the related content to go stale, and another six months before we then close the position, you have a full year before anything will happen without your direct involvement. We will also ensure to send you several notifications so nothing comes as a surprise.

Why do this? The collective intelligence of the Strawman community could be muddied if the rankings are being impacted by old recommendations from inactive users. We want the rankings, which are the basis for the Strawman Index, to reflect the sentiment of active members.

If you want to ensure your position remains open, you simply need to log some activity — any activity — on the associated company report. That could mean just voting or endorsing the active content from someone else, or editing, re-activating or adding your own content. That’ll give you another year before a position will be automatically closed.

We trust this all makes sense, and that members know we make this change with the best interests of the community at heart. 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to offer any feedback.

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