Episode 22: Season finale! Vista Group and reminiscences of a glorious raging bull market

In this, our finale episode for the season, Claude takes us through the investment case for Vista Group (VGL), and we reminisce about past episodes and stock picks. For more great content, please visit us at www.strawman.com, www.mattjoass.com & www.ethicalequities.com.au Email us at [email protected] And find us on Twitter @sage_simian @mattjoass @claudedwalker Return to the Strawman Platform Continue Reading

Episode 21: MicroCap Conference recap

This week, we attended the inaugural Coffee Microcaps conference, where we had the chance to hear from a bunch of interesting Micro-cap companies, as well as rub shoulders with some heavy-hitting private & professional investors. We run through our thoughts on all the companies that presented: Volpara (VHT), BlackWall (BWF), Continue Reading

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